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The Locksmen

Veteran Owned & Operated


Aaron Bissell

Owner & Operator

Former Utah Army National Guard

Corps of Engineers


"Let Us Try"

Before stepping into a locksmith apprenticeship I was an equipment operator for several fabrication and box & ship warehouses.

My locksmith career began with a locally owned and operated locksmith in St. George, Utah 2013

I had no previous knowledge or inspirations of locksmithing. I did however have curiosity for how things work, and a passion for learning.

I enjoy working with my hands and piecing together the puzzles. It is with this sense of accomplishment that my passion for locksmithing grows.

2018 I formed The Locksmen Automotive Locksmith Service.

2020 I renamed the company The Locksmen, and relocated to Lexington, Kentucky.

2021 The Locksmen relocated to Mountain Home, Idaho.

2022 The Locksmen moved home to take care of family and settle down in Washington, Utah.

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